The Ekumen Linux LiveCD


Well, it happened. After being recruited by a web friends to create a communal Linux distribution, it entered my mind that I should create a little Linux LiveCD.

I read about the Gnu Mes. So it had to have something to do with the Left Hand of Darkness. And Gethen. And the Ekumen. And the worlds of Ursula K.Le Guin.

So, Ekumen Linux was born. Based on the Minimalist linux scripts (I didn't use them as they were, I clicked and copied and compiled and dug into my hard disk.

And finally I made something. I'm not uploading it yet, because it has some obvious traces of my system name on it. But it does log in in the three extra terminals (I fucked up with the root term), has a lua interpreter, a javascript interpreter and a compiler that does compile "Hello world".

No networking, though. Yet.


After some thought and a metaphysical experience, I decided to rename the new live linux to Postnuclear Linux.

A final version, for posterity, is uploaded here.


No upload yet, but some big news. It seems that I have internet on QEMU now. And I just might have compiled and ran Mir Korn Shell for shits and giggles.